For the last few years some of you folks have enjoyed our breads either at the Mass mutual or forest park farmers market . While baking for some folks I had an idea! Custom order baking ! I do a custom batch of bread that i'll make just for you.
Min order is 6 loaves .You can pick any combination from the 14 flavors I make in a variety of shapes and styles. 
6 loaves is $40 delivered locally 12 loaves is $70 They can be frozen or shared.
If you take one out of the freezer and put it in oven for 15 mins or so you can tell folks you baked it.I can do most of the breads in a loaf or a round I also do a sort of braided pull apart loaf for some breads.

Don't forget to check our add ons page for great additions to your delivery!!!!!

​​​               Savory Breads
                     Pesto Parm     
        4 Cheese Italian           Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
             Garlic Mozz                      Herb Foccochia
            Country White                   Everything Swirl 
            Honey Wheat    Honey Wheat w/ sunflower.

These are the flavors currently available.


So, how does it work ?For the moment you pick out what you like and the shape and email me at for a baking slot . We see what time slots are good for both of us ,I bake it and deliver locally while it's still warm. Payment can be done via paypal or other cashless apps so it can be contactless.



    Sweet Breads     Cinnamon Swirl        Cinnamon Swirl w/ Raisins                      Chocolate Bobka    Nutella Walnut        Chocolate Covered Cherry