‚ÄčThese are trying times .There is something about getting our hands in the dirt that has a strange theraputic value only known by those of us that plant .Whether it's a single tomato or the botanical gardens planting gives us hope of things to come and connection to our roots (and theirs). I' ve come up with an idea the get you your plants and to have us comply with today's safety guidlines.

        An Appointment only garden center prices range from $1.00 to $12 There will be very limited access to be safer for everyone and considerate of my neighbors. doing it by appt .after 3 weekdays and all day on the weekend contact less ,exact change paypal or venmo . gloves and face coverings are mandatory. . I have tomatoes, pansies and some perrenials. Also have treatment free honey ,microgreens Thanks for asking Have a good one! and don't forget to sign up for weekly updates as we will be adding new items every week